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Tutorial - How to View Image in Resources?

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Equipped with a built-in previewer, all of resource images can be viewed through a large display area which shows the frames, dimensions, colors, etc. of each resource image. Furthermore, it allows you to zoom in or zoom out the image with different percentage patterns according to your demands. With a simple click, Free Resource Extractor lets you preview any image resources directly from the program, without having to launch any external applications.
Activate Icon Viewer Window

Step 1. Activate Icon Viewer Window

Launch Free Resource Extractor and you'll see the Windows explorer-like interface. Click "View" button at the bottom of the program to activate the "View Icons" window.
Search & View the Image

Step 2. Search & View the Image

In the left explorer window, click the source folder where the image files kept and the thumbnails of all the files will be displayed. Choose the image file you want to view and you'll find its dimension data & color. It allows you to zoom the image to auto fit or 25/50/100/200/400/800 percent for better view.

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